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Lower High Falls, Talladega Forest - Bill Wilson
2016 Annual Groundwater Conference
Gordon Persons Building Auditorium
Montgomery, Alabama

June 8, 2016

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management is hosting its 16th Annual Groundwater Conference. This event provides an opportunity to network with other groundwater professionals and learn about new technologies related to groundwater protection/restoration. Please join us in making the 16th Annual Groundwater Conference a successful event that enhances our abilities to protect Alabama's vast groundwater resources.

Overcoming the Challenges of Chlorinated Solvent Sites by Using Design and Implementation Best Practices
Emerging Contaminants in Groundwater
Long-Term Management of MNA for a Hydrocarbon Plume - Lessons Learned
Using Synergistic Remedation to Promote the Risk-Based Cleanup of Chlorinated Ethenes at a Historical Train Derailment Site
Groundwater Management and Policy in Alabama: How Much Is Enough?
How to Improve ISCO Performance in Source Areas
Guaranteeing Chemical Release Mitigation Project Outcomes with the Aid of High Resolution Data Sets
Vapor Intrusion - Fort Gillem Vapor Intrusion Assessment
Groundwater Monitoring and Modeling: New Tools and Opportunities
Groundwater Remediation of a Large Fuel Hydrocarbon Plume in Moundville, Alabama
1982 Livingston, LA Train Derailment (EPA Video)





Registration - please register at the door

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