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Scrap Tire Program

General Overview

The Alabama Scrap Tire Environmental Quality Act was passed in 2003 to comprehensively regulate scrap tire accumulations and to provide for cleanup and remediation of illegal scrap tire piles. The Act placed a $1.00 per tire fee on all replacement tires sold to establish a scrap tire fund, and required ADEM to develop a program to regulate the management of scrap tires.

The Scrap Tire Program began in August 2004 when regulations became effective in Division 4. The regulations detail how scrap tires are managed from the time of generation to their ultimate disposition, whether reuse or disposal.


A receiver is a person who generates or accumulates scrap tires. Receivers must register with ADEM and obtain a registration number. Division 4 establishes the requirements for recordkeeping, for storage of scrap tires and how the $1 per tire environmental fee is to be collected and paid to the Alabama Department of Revenue.

A person who transports or processes scrap tires in Alabama must obtain a permit from ADEM. Transporter permits have a term of three years. Processor permits have a term of five years.
Scrap Tire Site Remediation

Using funds from the $1 per tire environmental fee, ADEM awards contracts to remediate scrap tire sites. An approved contractor list is developed by the Department, sites are ranked, and sites are cleaned up based on their ranking and the availability of funds.

The Alabama Department of Revenue has information about collection and payment of the Scrap Tire Environmental Fee.

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